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For questions about "Toy Story 2", a 1999 American computer-animated comedy adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by John Lasseter. It is the sequel to Toy Story (1995), for questions about that see [toy-story].

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How could Zurg know this about Buzz?

In Toy Story 2, in a dramatic scene, Zurg reveals that But how did Zurg know this? The only way he could have known that is if it was written on the box, which it obviously wasn't.
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toy story 2 who is the guy who plays as the other buzz lightyear [closed]

so in toy story 2 there are many many many (buzz lightyear) from whom (the buzz lightyear) are all from different (places) then the original buzz nor the woody. so who are the actor of these other ...
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Why was Woody unaware of his toy backstory when Buzz knew his?

Inspired by Why doesn't Buzz know he's a toy?, Buzz Lightyear believed his toy backstory was that he was a a space ranger out to defeat Emperor Zurg, as described on the back of his box. The ...
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Why doesn't Buzz know he's a toy?

In the Toy Story films it seems like nearly all toys know that they are toys meant for children to play with. However Buzz Lightyear (and other Buzz Lightyear toys like him) thinks he's a real space ...
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In Toy Story 2, why could the new Buzz Lightyear not breathe normally?

In Toy Story 2, Andy's Buzz Lightyear removes the New Buzz Lightyear's helmet (from the toy store) to prove to his friends that He is the Andy's Toy Buzz. Why was the Buzz from the Toy Store not able ...
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