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Questions tagged [toys]

A play item—often used by children—that has been created in connection to a fictional work.

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Cartoon where a little kid controls a huge robot which used to be small toy using glove

I remember a poor kid (main lead) who can't afford that much studies which rich kid. He saw a toy and wants to play with it. The rich kid broke it and threw it away but he took it from the trash tries ...
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Teddy made me do it short story

I am looking for the title of a short story where a little boy kills his father because "teddy made me do it". The idea is the teddy bears indoctrinate the kids to behave correctly, but someone hacks ...
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Testing alien toys for harm - story and author?

Earth imports alien-manufactured toys which must be tested for safety. Early imports were clearly harmful...but the harm is getting very subtle and the story covers a scene where testers/scientists ...
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Weird blue and purple humanoid superhero keychain with "Z" chest emblem, X-eyes, and trident head

I have this weird rubber keychain. It’s from America. I obtained it around 2008. It’s kind of bendy, but bounces back to normal when you stop. Who made it, and what is this character called?
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Does the First Order's "Heavy Scout Walker" / "AT-HS" exist in any official fiction (besides Lego sets)?

The "First Order Heavy Scout Walker" Lego set depicts this multi-legged vehicle participating in the battle on Crait from The Last Jedi: But this does not seem to match the events of the movie, and I ...
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A short story involving discrimination based on size

I am trying to remember the title of a story I read as a kid. The story, set in the future, revolves around individuals that chose to reduce their size or have kids of smaller than usual stature ...
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