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A short series of excerpts from (or specially-created segment for) a film, television series or video game used to advertise it.

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Story / Trailer about Tom Clancy's The Division where [spoiler] happens

I remember watching a trailer (perhaps live-action?) for The Division, where a lady asks a sanitation worker for help with her [brother?]. The sanitation worker asks if her brother is sick and when ...
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Why did the original Star Wars trailer imply that its story was happening "right now", rather than "a long time ago"?

The original teaser trailer for the first ever Star Wars film begins by saying: Somewhere in space, this may all be happening right now... Yet the final version ...
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Star Wars: Battlefront II EA Trailer - Who is the figure in red giving Versio orders?

** WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD ** Judging by the color and style of his apparel, I am guessing he is perhaps a member (or ex-member) of the Imperial Guard. Possibly the Captain. Because the ...
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Are there any non-contemporaneous items in the Logan trailers? [duplicate]

Is has been established that Logan takes place in 2029. And, as can be seen from the trailers 1 and 2, it takes place in desert terrain in Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. So most things are old and ...
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Which scenes from The Force Awakens trailers didn't make it into the film?

There often are scenes and/or dialog shown in trailers for a film which don't make the final cut. Were there any for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Which trailer scenes didn't make it into the final ...
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What movie (or movie trailer) featured people sliding off a large balcony or skyscraper floor?

I recall a trailer that I thought was for The Amazing Spider-Man, which featured either a high balcony or building floor tilting and people sliding off. Having finally watched The Amazing Spider-Man, ...
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What characters (race/class) are shown in the original (Vanilla) World Of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer?

In the original (Vanilla) World Of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer, the one that plays every time the game starts up, the one we have all watched many times, there are different characters each doing ...
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Looking for sci-fi movie featuring dragons vs Navy

Looking for movie featuring Dragons vs. Navy (or Army, but the trailer featured battleship trying to shoot the dragons down). Trailer also showed a dogfight between helicopters and dragons, capping (...
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Is the movie "Hell No" real? [closed] All I ever see is the trailer. Is there a full movie? I mean, why is it in IMDB then? Not all Youtube videos go to IMDB right?
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