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Questions tagged [transfiguration]

For questions about transfiguration, a branch of magic in the "Harry Potter" franchise involving alteration of objects' molecular structures.

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1 vote
2 answers

Does transfiguration truly change one thing to another?

I mean, if someone transforms a match into a needle, is the needle a real needle? Or is it something that looks and weighs like a needle but actually a match in disguise? If I burn this needle, would ...
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1 answer

Can wizard transfigure a wand?

In books many material objects were transfigured into animals or just another objects. So can a wizard use transfiguration spell with another wizards' wands?
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Doesn't the 'Avis' charm indirectly violate the Gamp's law of Elemental Transfiguration? [duplicate]

‘Yeah, well, food’s one of the five exceptions to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration,’ said Ron, to general astonishment. Now Avis is a charm that creates a flock of birds. Isn't it possible to ...
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4 answers

Is transfiguration permanent?

After taking a lot of complicated notes, they were each given a match and started trying to turn it into a needle. By the end of the lesson, only Hermione Granger had made any difference to her ...
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Can you transfigure animate objects into inanimate objects?

From the solved WOMBATS: Which of the following is/are IMPOSSIBLE? 0 ☐ Transfiguring inanimate objects into animate objects 5 ☐ Transfiguring animate objects into inanimate objects 0 ☐ Vanishing ...
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