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This tag is to be used when referring to any sort of device or network which is used to transport beings between two or more places.

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In the DC universe, how do Zeta Tubes work?

In the DC universe, there is a means of travel called the Zeta Tubes. How do they work (conceptually)? Do they copy the info of what's in the origin, destroy its contents, and paste it at the other ...
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What is the firs sci-fi work a PBY Catalina seaplane was used in?

Would like to know what was the first sci-fi work in any medium (books, comics, movies, TV series) that had a PBY Catalina seaplane in it. It does not matter if the type of the plane was clearly ...
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How do the highways work in The Caves of Steel?

In Asimov's The Caves of Steel, the highway system is described as somewhat of a system of conveyor belts that people can get on, that people stand on. They can reach up to 60 mph by hopping from one "...
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Outside of the DCAU, does Post-Crisis/Pre- New 52 Superman have a "super mobile", ship or other form of protective transport?

In various media, we have seen Superman occasionally use a mechanical form of transport, more for its anti-Kryptonite protective properties than for travel. Most instances of this have been pre-Crisis ...
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How did the horses get to space?

In Firefly, a space western, they use horses on planets in space that are definitely not Earth. Is there any canon explanation as to when the horses got sent through space, how they are transported, ...
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Why do heads in fires look flame-colored when Floo Network fires are green?

As can be seen in the shots below, when simply communicating through a fire, the images of the heads appear as actual flames or embers in yellow/red/orange (normal fire colors) in the fireplace: ...
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Scifi short story about a device that removes dust, is replicated for profit, and the original owners reverse the flow of dust removal?

Please can someone advise? My longish title kind of says what I recall the most of the story... I think it was in anthology from the 50's or 60's. It's a story about a device that someone found that ...
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Max-speed in Z-Space

It's obvious that Z-Space travel is faster than light, but how fast? It's also obvious it isn't instantaneous, since they mention that there is boring travel times while in Z-Space. Is there any ...
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Which Batman Series has had the most batmobiles to date?

I recently saw the infographic below and it gave me an appreciation of just how many different batmobiles there have been. It got me to wondering though which Batman series (to date) has had the most ...
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Time dilation and communication in Avatar

At the beginning of Avatar, Jake says he has been in suspended animation for 6 years. Because of this time delay, how can efficient planning take place? To put this in perspective: We have the idea ...
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In Star Trek, does the transporter conserve the momentum of transported objects?

In Star Trek (2009), when Kirk and Hikaru Sulu are falling from the drill, at the last moment Ensign Chekov locks on them and is able to transport them inside the ship. By the time they were ...
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Why was a regular train used to transport students to Hogwarts?

To get to Hogwarts, the students had to: Travel many hours by regular (seemingly non-magical, and fairly slow) train Then get into magical conveyances in Hogsmeade. The latter makes sense - you can'...