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Triangle is a 2009 psychological horror film with a series of references to mythology and many elements of science fiction stories. It was written and directed by Christopher Smith.

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What's the significance of the boy with the drum?

Near the end of Triangle, at the car accident scene, we briefly see a boy that appears to belong to the parade they were having: This boy is sitting on the floor (crying?) with his drum in front of ...
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Why did Jess allow the crew of the Triangle to set foot on the ocean liner in the first place?

In the film Triangle, we learn at the very end of the film, When the moment comes when the crew wants to be "rescued" by the liner, why didn't she try to stop them? She hesitates, but doesn't act on ...
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What happened to the head-shot version?

We follow one iteration of Jess around the film, from the "first" time she steps on the ocean liner to the point where she "leaves". She sees a lot of duplicates, one of which she manages to shoot in ...
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