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Supernatural beings from Norse mythology skilled in working stone and metal who set challenges and traps for humans. Many SF&F works have creatures called trolls based upon the mythical beings.

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Live-action Norwegian movie about man whose job is to monitor troll migration

I do not quite remember the beginning but somehow two teenagers, brother and sister get lost in woods of Northern Norway. They run into a man who studies trolls and monitors their migration. Together ...
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A non-Tolkien short fiction about non-Hobbits, non-Dwarves and trolls

I read this short fiction about 10 years ago in a collection in English. More a novelette than a short story, I would say. It is definitive not in the world of Tolkien, not even in fandom. There are, ...
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Artistic pre-teen hardcover about a girl who disobeys her family and ventures beyond a curtain with a door, to a land of trolls

I picked up this book at the mall in the mid-late 90s, and it was a beautifully artistic storybook about a girl who took her life for granted/was bored, and decided to venture behind a curtain in her ...
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Are all instances of trolls turning to stone ultimately references back to Tolkien?

Are there any antecedents other than Tolkien for trolls turning to stone? When I was a kid, I remember trolls appearing in one of the earliest episodes of The Real Ghostbusters (the fifth episode &...
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Trolls: any evidence that they were mutilated Ents?

Trolls are seen to have participated in the events of the War of the Ring: the Troll in Moria, Trolls handling Grond, Trolls in the Battle at the Black Gate; 'A great cave-troll, I think, or more ...
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Why would Hermione send for help from the trolls?

The main thing that trolls seem to be known for in Harry Potter, besides their love of killing/hitting things, is their stupidity. The lowest exam grade you can get is Troll, below Dreadful. There ...
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Why does Gandalf advise the company to "be careful what you touch" in the troll hoard?

Pretty much what the title says; In The Hobbit movie (unexpected journey), Gandalf advises the company to "be careful what you touch" in the troll cave - why is that? This Q/A suggests it's due to ...
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At what Act and Part do the trolls come in?

I recently started watching Homestuck, and am all the way up to Act 4. I want to know how long it is until I get to the trolls. So my question is: at what Act and Part do the trolls come in?
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Are there multi-headed trolls in Middle-earth beyond The Hobbit reference?

I was just reading about Bilbo and the three trolls: William, Bert, and Tom. At the end of the quote, there is a reference to multi-headed trolls. William choked. "Shut yer mouth!" he said ...
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