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This tag is for the 1970 British TV series called "UFO". For general question about Unidentified Flying Objects in Science Fiction, use the tag [ufos].

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UFO Legality piece from 1970s-1980s analog

I am looking for a story that highlights what would happen to UFOS/Aliens if they landed on the planet from a legality standpoint, including the UN and immigration status. I remember reading it from ...
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In the "UFO" episode, "Destruction," why did the aliens want to kill off human race?

In the ninth episode of the first series of UFO, "Destruction", a UFO is shot down by a navy ship. SHADO investigate and find that the ship was going to dump deadly nerve gas into the sea ...
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Where did the moon based interceptors launch from in the UFO TV series?

In the UFO TV series, the pilots of the moon based interceptors are always shown entering a slide which presumably takes them from one of the habitation spheres directly to their ships. The ships ...
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What's this object in SHADO headquarters?

The secret organization SHADO in the 1970s TV show UFO has this object in the middle of the floor in the operations room in their headquarters. The red disks rotate. Sadly, I can't quite make out the ...
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If the SHADO Headquarters are in England, why do cars drive on the right-hand side of the road?

In the 1969/70 British television series UFO, several scenes suggest that the SHADO Headquarters are located in southern England near London, for example when a UFO lands in “southern England”, “right ...
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What's the reason for the purple hair on the British 1969-70 television series "UFO"?

At the moonbase, the control center personnel (mostly women) wore purple wigs. Is there a reason for this?
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