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A group of superheroes in the Marvel Universe recruited by Nick Fury for S.H.I.E.L.D. to fight super-terrorism, led by Captain America and involving Iron Man, Thor, Wasp and Giant Man. Mark Millar writes the story and Bryan Hitch is at the pencils. This team is a modern approach to The Avengers team.

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Is it possible for Herr Kleiser to die?

In the Ultimates, Herr Kleiser seems pretty much indestructible, since he does not really have a true physical form until he takes someone's body over. Even when he is eaten by the Hulk, they have to ...
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Suggested reading order for Ultimates paperbacks

I realize this kind of question is a bit of a gray area for the site, but following that disclaimer, I also know I can probably get a good answer here. The question is about reading order in the ...
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How does Thor know what Banner is thinking?

In the chapter four (Thunder) of The Ultimates, by Millar, Hitch and Currie, Bruce Banner and Nick Fury travel to Norway to talk to Thor. Banner gets upset and calls Thor a "delusional crack-pot&...
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