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Questions dealing with actions by an intelligence species to engender intelligence in a non-intelligent species.

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Story Identification: Last Man on Earth and Handful of Sentient Dogs

I read this in a 70's or 80's mass market paperback anthology. I believe it may have been a single-author anthology, but I'm not sure. The cover may have had a statue on it of the extinct god-figure &...
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Short story about why horses sing?

This one is going to be a little more "out there" because I'm looking for something I read on the internet; I don't know if it's ever been published in any physical form. I don't remember the plot of ...
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Science fiction novel involving a genetically engineered servant race uplifted from non-human primates

I belive I read this while I was living in Ohio between 2002 and 2006. It was a hardback novel with a dark cover. The basic story is set somewhere a few years into the future, with society not very ...
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Novel with an uplifted monkey and an uplifted parrot on a space station

I think I read this as a paperback in the 1990s while living in the United States. The viewpoint character was an uplifted monkey and he was joined by an uplifted parrot. They had to defeat some ...
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Looking for a novel involving an agent/assassin who might be a chimpanzee

The worst part about this is that I found the title of this book several years ago, even tracked down a copy and read it, but it's slipped my mind and my prior queries don't seem to exist anymore. I ...
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Title/Author search: read late 70's, last human revived from stasis, intelligent forest

Looking for title and author. This is a novel I read back in high school. Ended on what appeared to be a cliff-hanging transition to a follow on novel. I wasn't crazy about the story, but did wonder ...
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What is the aftermath from Heaven's Reach? [closed]

In the final book (that I know of) the fanatic's seize of earth has just ended and the moderates will soon be in-system to help protect Earthclan. What happens next? ('next' = next few hundred years) ...
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Are there any scientific projects currently pursuing Uplift? [closed]

The moral implications aside, I remember wondering in the past if there were any projects that were actually pursuing something like David Brin's Uplift. This future history depicts a huge galactic ...
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