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Questions tagged [vampire-chronicles]

For questions about "The Vampire Chronicles", a series of books by Anne Rice that revolves around many conflicts posed by the secret vampiric society, and their own personal issues when dealing with their curse.

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In "Interview with a vampire" why did they only execute Claudia, when Louis killed a vampire as well?

Obviously, it's a crime to kill your own kind. Louis did kill a vampire (one of those who appeared to be nothing more than mindless corpses) when they traveled throughout eastern Europe. So why wasn't ...
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If Lestat was able to read minds, how come he didn't see Claudia had in mind to kill him?

Was he not paying attention to the minds of Louis and Claudia? Or was he only able to read human minds, not vampires'?
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Revenants in "Interview with the Vampire" and elsewhere: did Rice invent this description? [closed]

If I recall correctly, Rice describes revenants as vampires that become "brain damaged" (I am not sure if that was the term) due to them being bitten and entombed or buried and not being able to feed ...
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In what order should Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witches be read?

I don't know why it took me so long but I have just started reading the vampire chronicles. I have been looking into the correct reading order and have found vastly different opinions, even from ...
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Is it necessary to read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles in order?

I want to read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, but I was told I shouldn't read the first one. I was told that the second one is better. So, do you have to read them in order, or are they separate ...
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Why did Armand do nothing to help Claudia and Louis?

In the movie adaptation of Interview with the Vampire, Armand tells Louis that it's illegal to make an immortal child; a slight difference from the book, where he's made it illegal in his own coven. ...
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Were Lestat's special abilities developed with his vampire state, or was he already skilled?

In Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles", Lestat plays the violin and sings amazingly. Were these abilities he possessed before turning or do vampires in her books develop amazing abilities, perhaps ...
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If a baby were turned into a vampire, would it mature like Claudia?

In Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles novels it is forbidden to turn a child into a vampire because they never age, but Claudia could mature and grow intellectually. If an infant, only a few months old, ...
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What happens if vampires in Anne Rice's books drink the last drop of someone's blood?

During the movie Queen of the Damned, Marius tells Lestat that they cannot consume the last drop of blood of someone, or else they will die too. What exactly happens if a vampire takes the last drop ...
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Why was Claudia helpless? Why did she need a protector in the movie version of Interview With The Vampire?

Perhaps the book explains this better than the movie, but why was Claudia helpless? Why did she need a protector in Interview With The Vampire? Armand says: "It's forbidden to make one so young......
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2 answers

What would happen if a vampire compels someone who doesn't understand his/her language?

Generally, when a vampire compels someone, their eye pupil becomes large & victim listens vampire to follow exactly what he/she said. What will happen if victim is unable to understand language of ...
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Why are "the first" vampires immune to all of the normal vampire weaknesses? [closed]

In the Blade movie series and the Vampire Chronicles movies (and possibly others) they depict the "first" (original) vampires as being like gods. They have all the strengths of the vampires (often to ...
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Who are the other immortals in the Vampire Chronicles?

I remember Marius telling Lestat that there were other immortals which were not vampires (Possibly in The Vampire Lestat). That he had seen them on a few occasions over the course of a century or more....
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