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Questions tagged [venom-2018]

Use for the 2018 Sony Pictures film "Venom" in association with Marvel. It is the first film in "Sony’s Marvel Universe". Always use in conjunction with the tags [marvel] and [sonys-marvel-universe].

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Has Venom ever used the phrase “I am Venom” in the comics?

Venom’s phrase “We are Venom” is something unforgettable, especially after the new Venom movie. In the Venom (2018) movie, when Eddie has his first conversation with the symbiote, Eddie: Who are ...
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What exactly is Venom (2018)'s relationship with Marvel, Disney, and the MCU?

As many know, the rights to certain Marvel film properties are not owned by Disney, but by Sony Pictures. In particular, this includes the characters of Spider-Man and Venom. Now, we all know that ...
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How did they capture all of the Symbiotes in the Venom movie?

At the start of the movie, they are already in the spaceship with the Symbiotes. So how were they able to capture the Symbiotes in the first place?
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How come neither Venom nor Riot were affected at the end of the movie?

In Venom (2018), we learn that the symbiotes are vulnerable to both fire and some sound frequencies. There are a few scenes during which the sound vulnerability is depicted: Near the beginning of the ...
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What sound mitigation techniques has the Venom symbiote attempted?

Disclaimer: I've been watching clips of the Venom movie on YouTube, so I know essentially nothing about the character. It seems that Venom is susceptible to sound and to fire. I'm particularly ...
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Why does Venom, in the Venom movie not have the same powers as spiderman [closed]

In the movie Venom, instead of using webs, Venom used parts of himself to swing him to safety. And he also clawed his way up a tall building instead of using webs and "sticky hands".
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