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Questions tagged [venture-bros]

For questions about "The Venture Bros.", an American animated television series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

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Why do the Moppets go back to wearing their pupae costumes?

In The Venture Brothers, after the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend get married, their henchmen merge together. This leads to the Moppets joining as "The Pupae twins" with costumes that look like ...
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Which group watches over Anti-Heroes according to the 'Treaty of Tolerance'?

In the most recent season of Venture Brothers, we've learned more about how the OSI and GCI handle 'protagonist' and 'antagonist' relations respectively. They say a 'mad scientist' falls under the ...
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Who were these two homicidal dwarves?

Two short guys each with a bloodthirsty streak, I think at one point they worked for the Monarch. In one episode Brock asked them to 'put some fear in someone' but 'nothing lethal', then decides he ...
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Why was Brock Samson assigned to protect the Venture family?

Why did OSI assign their best agent to protect the Venture family in the first place? What was his actual mission?
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Why didn't Dr. Venture grow more clones after they were all killed?

In the third season finale of The Venture Bros, all of Hank and Dean's backup bodies were killed in an epic battle. During the fourth season he says that Hank and Dean no longer have any backup ...
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