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For questions about Vixen, an animated web miniseries set in the Arrowverse. It features Mari Jiwe McCabe, a superhero with the power to take on the abilities of various animals.

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Are the DC webcomics part of a larger canon?

There are three DC webcomics I know about: Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Vixen: NYC Zatanna & the Ripper (All ongoing, free-to-read series on WEBTOON.) It's not clear to me where they stand in ...
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How are the Vixens related?

In the CW Seed show Vixen, we meet Mari Mcabe, aka: Vixen. She uses a magical totem to channel the abilities of animals. The totem was found in Africa within Mari's lifetime. She later shows up in ...
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Where does Vixen sit within the Arrow-verse timeline?

In addition to the two prime TV shows, CW Seed has produced a short web animated series called Vixen that occurs within the Arrowverse. (Oliver, Barry and Cisco appear and their CW actors do the ...
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