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Voltron is best known as an anime television show but questions can also include comic books, video games, or other supplementary material.

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What is the CGI show I'm thinking of that seems eerily similar to the Voltron episode of Rick and Morty?

Recently, I remembered that as a child in the 90s, I watched a CGI show that revolved around a team of pilots that controlled some kind of animal robots. This show would have aired on YTV in Canada in ...
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Is Voltron (Lion force) sentient?

I'm not 100% familiar with the 2010s series, but speaking more of the original 1980s cartoon/anime, and the early 2000s semi-spin off/continuation Voltron Force: It's been heavily implied that the ...
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Are Altean face markings natural or artificial?

All Alteans I can remember seem to have some type of facial marking, usual some bright, almost glowing color. Princess Allura: Coran: And also King Alfor. What I can't tell is if this is some ...
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Why was Allura surprised by this?

I was a bit baffled by the end of Season 3. At the end of Season 2, Allura was shocked to find that But in the Season 3 ender, Coran tells everyone the story of how So, if Coran knows this, why was ...
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Why doesn't Voltron just stay Voltron?

What's the point of the 5 lions? It seems like their enemies can never be fully defeated without them forming Voltron, so why bother fighting individually? Why not just start and end each fight as ...
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