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Voodoo is a collection of African spiritual beliefs, developed in the slave-holding states and islands of the Caribbean Sea. Most famous of voodoo beliefs are the zombie tradition, and also the voodoo doll.

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Identify film which mashed film noir with voodo and supernatural

I remember watching a film when I was a teenager that seemed to be set in a 1930s film noir kind of setting. I think the main character was a private detective, who somehow got caught up in some ...
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A voodoo type fantasy-horror short story, involving a shrill voice [duplicate]

I read this short story about 20 years ago. I read it in French in a collection which was probably much older, and most probably a translation. I write "voodoo type" because IIRC, the POV ...
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Black and white horror movie where people have a mark on their palm and become voodoo-resurrected

I'm searching this movie for years. It starts inside a cafe, I think, on a rainy night. The protagonist sees his recently deceased brother passing outside. It has to do with a voodoo cult, people ...
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