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Questions tagged [vulcan]

Vulcan usually refers to a humanoid race in Star Trek (or to their home planet of the same name). Use this tag with the [star-trek] tag.

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Did Gene Roddenberry ever react to 'Vulcans are Space Elves'?

According to this answer, Gene Roddenberry wanted the Vulcans to look "satanic": From a behind the scenes perspective, prosthetic ears were easy to do, but also, Gene Roddenberry wanted a ...
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How accurately can Vulcans predict when pon farr will happen?

Pon farr is the Vulcans’ drive to mate every seven years, traditionally resolved by returning to Vulcan and their mate. How accurately can they predict when it will happen? Do they just know “sometime ...
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Does T'Pau start the 'Vulcanism' presented in TOS?

Does T'Pau mark the beginning of that kind of Vulcan culture and self-concept that will later be embodied by Spock? Her rise to power is accompanied by a clear break in how Vulcans perceive themselves;...
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How are these words written in traditional Vulcan calligraphy?

How the words adun'a (wife) & adun (husband) or Telik (married) written in traditional Vulcan calligraphy? We want to get tattoos of them but I cannot find anything to help me other than straight ...
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Help translating this FH Bradley quote from English to Vulcan

I'm confused at how to get the proper phrasing in Vulcan because the English grammar seems self-referencing for me to get the order right. the quote by FH Bradley is: The one self-knowledge worth ...
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How do Vulcans make decisions?

Vulcans are logical to a fault. But I have been watching the latest iteration of Star Trek and I keep wondering how Vulcans make decisions given that decisions are based on, at base, a preference. ...
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Why do Star Trek Vulcans have art and music?

Vulcans adhere to foundations of logic. Music and art seem like emotionally driven creations.
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Can a Vulcan trick another Vulcan into thinking they cured their pon farr?

From Star Trek ENT: In a Mirror Darkly: T'POL: I lured you away from Engineering with the promise of a sexual encounter. [T'Pol's quarters - memory] T'POL: My mind to your mind. T'POL [OC]: Once we ...
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Why couldn't Tuvok be cured by the holodeck?

Near the end of Voyager, Tuvok required fal-tor-voh to heal his mind. This requires which the crew considered unavailable. Why was this considered impossible? Why can the holodeck not solve this?
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