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Generally used to indicate a medium for faster than light travel, but sometimes used as the act of travelling at such speeds. Made famous by Star Trek - ships travel at warp speed through subspace - but common in many other science-fiction settings to allow rapid transit between the stars. Not to be confused with jump-type faster than light travel.

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Why did the Star Trek writers decide Warp 10 would be infinite?

From Star Trek: The Next Generation onward, warp speed has a basically cubic scale from warps 1 - 9. But then, close to warp 10, it suddenly develops its own puzzling scale, as can be seen in this ...
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Warp 13... Was this overlooked?

In the final episode of TNG (All Good Things) Captain Beverly Picard,and Admiral Riker both travel at Warp 13, but in Voyager the warp limit is warp 10. In VOY: Threshold Tom Paris breaks warp 10 and ...
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Why did the Enterprise drop out of warp before reaching Bersallis III?

In the middle of TNG : Lessons, the crew of the Enterprise-D is flying on a rescue mission toward Bersallis III, to save a Federation outpost from an impending fire-storm. Upon reaching Bersallis III’...
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How fast can impulse drive propel a ship?

Impulse drive, how fast is it? Throughout star trek we see various ships travelling at fractions of 'Impulse drive'. An impulse is a unit of force and thus converting to speed is difficult. Here are ...
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What would be the effects of warp collisions?

Triggered by a recent question I was wondering what actually would happen to a ship (e.g. the Enterprise-D NCC-1701) that collides with a stationary object such as a) another ship of a similar ...
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How does Picard choose a warp speed?

How does Picard, or anyone for that matter, decide at what warp speed to travel? Obviously there are times when they need to get somewhere in a hurry and he says, warp 9 or maximum warp, but the rest ...
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Are inertial dampeners a requirement for going to warp speed?

Inertial dampeners are used on Star Trek to prevent starship occupants from experiencing inertial effects of the ship. Clearly, for a ship to accelerate at a very high rate via impulse drive, the ...
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Do ships at warp experience time dilation?

From the Gene Roddenberry quote in this answer: 'In answering these questions, I came up with the statement that "this time system adjusts for shifts in relative time which occur due to the vessel'...
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Could a ship warp into Borg cube and destroy it?

During the Wolf-359 incident, 39 starships were destroyed, and 11,000 people were killed or assimilated. Why didn’t one of the smaller ships warp into that one Borg cube? Doesn’t warping into it ...
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Why is there a warp barrier at warp 9.1 and not at warp 9.0?

This question is about this plot from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual: Reference site worth reading This plot shows energy discontinuities at the integer warp factors warp 1 ...
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How could the saucer section of the Enterprise sustain warp velocity without a warp engine?

In the first TNG episode the saucer section is separated at warp speed. But how is that possible? Memory Alpha says that the saucer section quickly loses speed, but wouldn't it just drop out of warp ...
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Which race in Star Trek universe was the first to invent Warp technology?

Humans look like late member of Warp Drive community. Klingons were capable of interstellar travel from the time of Kahless. Vulcans were in contact with Andorians from ancient times (ST: Enterprise). ...
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How does Slip Stream travel relate to Warp?

In Voyager, the crew briefly enter "slip stream" travel in two episodes, with the second removing 10 years off their voyage home. How does slip stream compare to, say warp 9?
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Nacelles: if two are better than one, then why are three not better than two?

In Star Trek, the vast majority of Starfleet vessels (and prior warp-capable Earth vessels) are equipped with two warp nacelles. Those very familiar with the Star Trek universe need no convincing ...
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Does warp drive permit safe, near- or above- lightspeed travel through atmospheres?

As XKCD recently educated some of us in a "What If" blog post, playing (near) light-speed baseball on a planet with an atmosphere is generally a bad idea. The TL;DR version translates to: A baseball ...
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How was Zefram Cochrane going to make money off of his warp drive?

In Star Trek: First Contact, warp drive inventor Zefram Cochrane explains to Riker, You wanna know what my vision is? Dollar signs — money! I didn't build this ship to usher in a new era for ...
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Can warp drive be used to travel at sublight speeds?

The answer and discussion around this question Can warp drive allow for light speed? make me wonder about the following: Warp drive works by warping space so that the ship need not "travel faster ...
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Can the warp drive be run in reverse? [duplicate]

Most modern motorized vehicles are capable of both forward and reverse motion. In the Star Trek universe, can an unmodified warp drive also be used to move backwards? I realize that pretty much ...
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Is a warp drive faster than a hyperdrive? [duplicate]

What's faster: a warp drive from Star Trek, or a hyperdrive from Star Wars?
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Is the Principle of Apparition Theoretically Similar to the Alcubierre Drive (Warp)?

Apparition seems to be a very quick process, through which a witch or wizard moves almost instantaneously from one place to another. Could Apparition be related to the Alcubierre metric or would this ...
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Why aren't Federation ships built with two warp cores?

20th century humans learned the value of redundant engines on aircraft. If one fails, you can keep flying. But in the Star Trek universe, Federation ships like the Enterprise have only one warp core....
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What is the difference between "Warp" and "Transwarp"?

In Star Trek III, Kirk takes the Enterprise out on a little "joyride", with the U.S.S. Excelsior in hot pursuit (initially). The audience learns that the Excelsior is equipped with "trans-warp drive". ...
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How could Enterprise remain at warp after ejecting its cores in Star Trek (2009)

In the 2009 film, How did the Enterprise maintain warp despite having ejected its cores?
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How did Tom Paris come up with this warp to miles-per-second estimate in The 37s?

UpdateFor the duplicate flag: I am not asking why Voyager would take 75 years to return home, but rather, assuming that is true, I question the accuracy of Tom's statement (below). In Voyager season ...
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When a ship drops out of warp does it retain the speed it was at when it entered warp?

Within the Trek Universe, if a Starship was to enter warp while at full impulse, would it still be at full impulse when it dropped out of warp? In the same vein; Is it even possible to enter warp ...
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When did dilithium crystals become so important for starships?

Every Star Trek fan knows that dilithium crystals help power the Enterprise (at least Kirk's Enterprise and later), but at what point did they become necessary or widely used in the Star Trek history? ...
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Story ID: Oil well fire techniques used against space warp

This was a short story in an anthology. I read it in the 1970s in a hardback copy checked out of a library. At that time, I was reading many SF anthologies, such as the Spectrum series, the various ...
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Why do some Federation ships not have deflector dishes?

Most Federation starships have a deflector dish below the saucer section to protect the ship from hitting pebbles at high speeds. But not the Oberth class vessels. Nor the Soyuz class ships. Nor ...
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Did Zefram Cochrane invent the warp drive that is used by all races?

In Star Trek First Contact, the Vulcans visit Earth after picking up the signature of the newly invented warp drive. Did Vulcans already have warp capabilities? If not, how did they get to Earth so ...
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Are there any Star Wars Canon usage of 'Hyperdrive Radio' prior to Rogue One?

In the Star Wars movie Rogue One, we see the Rebels communicating over the radio whilst at Light-speed. I don't recall seeing this in other Star Wars movies. (They pop out of Hyperdrive - and the ...
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What's the fastest sensor-bearing object the Enterprise-D carries?

I know the Enterprise-D carries all sorts of shuttlecraft. But - what's the fastest a vessel carried by the Enterprise - work-pod, shuttle, Captain's yacht, probes, whatever - which has a meaningful ...
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Could a shuttlecraft warp engine be used on a starship?

Several types of Starfleet shuttlecraft in the Star Trek universe are warp-capable (e.g. see this question). I was thinking about the fact that a starship can be powered by dual, smaller warp cores ...
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Failed warp core ejections

This answer to this question claims that there are 14 different failed warp core ejections depicted. For the record, although the ejection system is described in detail in the "TNG Technical ...
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How did Voyager reach the wreckage so fast going warp 2?

In the Voyager episode Scorpion Part 1 (season 3 finale) our heroes are headed to a destination that is 5.2 light years away. Captain Janeway orders Paris to set a course and move at warp 2. According ...
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Does warp travel happen in the 4th dimension of euclidean space? [duplicate]

The first time someone explained the fourth dimension to me (referring to four dimentional euclidean space-not spacetime) they drew a picture of a tesseract and used the analogy of starships traveling ...
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Which of the seeded humanoid species was the first to be warp-capable? [closed]

In Star Trek - TNG S6E20 The Chase, the apparently first humanoid species in the Galaxy from around 4.5 Billion years ago appear, travel the galaxy and spread their genetic material on terraformed ...
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