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For questions about "Watership Down", a 1972 adventure novel.

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In Watership Down can rabbits understand human speech?

This is something that was never clear to me when reading this (my absolute favorite) book. Can rabbits understand what the humans are saying? They can communicate alright with other animals (mice, ...
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In Watership Down what was Lord Frith's gift to Rabscuttle?

When El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle reach their home warren after their journey home from the abode of the Black Rabbit of Inle, they have an encounter with Lord Frith, who has some gifts for them (end of ...
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Why did Hazel and Fiver leave behind their siblings?

In a footnote in the beginning of Richard Adams' novel, Watership Down, he makes this statement: Rabbits can count up to four. Any number above four is hrair “a lot.” or “a thousand.” Thus they say ...
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In Watership Down what was so bad about Efrafa

First: I never saw the entire movie, just bits and pieces. I know a rabbit named "Blackavar" wanted to escape Efrafa and so did some does (female rabbits). It's just, I'm not sure exactly why they ...
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