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Questions tagged [wax-wayne-novels]

The second set of books in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn setting, currently set for four novels. Covers a modernizing world rebuilt after the first trilogy, with a pair of lawmen, Wax & Wayne, as the heroes. Always use in conjunction with the [mistborn] and [cosmere] tags.

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How does Compounding work?

In The Alloy of Law, Miles Hundred-Lives is a double gold twinborn. This means he can burn gold to see visions of his possible alternative past, (Allomancy) and tap/fill gold to retrieve/store health ...
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What is the fate of the Koloss?

At the end of the third book in the Mistborn series, there is no definitive statement about the fate of the koloss. The author's own commentary/annotation notes: One hint from The Alloy of Law is ...
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What happens when you die in the Mistborn series?

In the Mistborn series does anything unique happen when you die? We have a few glimpses of people after they die in the series so what if anything happens?
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