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Questions tagged [wednesday]

For the Netflix adaptation of the Addams Family character Wednesday.

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1 answer

How do these approaches to death in Wednesday go together?

The question is about 2022 Netflix series Wednesday. On one side all members of the Addams seems to enjoy everything connected with suffering and death. Wednesday herself actually almost kills someone ...
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1 answer

Was Wednesday admitted to Nevermore as a 'normie'?

In Wednesday, as far as I can tell, the students of Nevermore Academy all appear to have at least some supernatural ability (vampires, sirens, telekinetics, psychics, etc). People without supernatural ...
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Why is Pugsley portrayed as such a wimp in the Wednesday TV series?

In the TV series Wednesday (2022), Pugsley is beat up by bullies, picked on by Wednesday, and seems to be pretty much normal. I have previously only seen the cartoon versions of The Addams Family and ...
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How does the weather change so drastically in the same town?

I was watching the Netflix show Wednesday and in Episode 3 ("Friend or Woe"), the titular character, Wednesday is out on an "outreach" excursion from her school Nevermore to the ...
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