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A series of science fiction superhero anthologies by George R.R. Martin. Twenty-two books have been published to date, with more expected.

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Why didn't Horrorshow just kill Tolenka as soon as it could?

Massive spoiler warning for the books: Lowball and High Stakes. The books Lowball and High Stakes feature a plotline that hinges on one crucial fact: Tolenka is using his willpower to stop Horrorshow ...
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What is the explanation of the events hinted at while Dr. Tachyon probes the ship?

In Wild Cards:Aces High - Relative Difficulties Dr. Tachyon probes the ship looking for the human prisoners, and finds Asta having sex with someone, presumably Tom, who should be the only one in the ...
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How did Dr. Travnicek lose the Singularity Shifter?

In Wild Cards II: Aces High, Modular Man retrieves the singularity shifter for Dr. Travnicek. The next thing we see, it is in the possession of a nat gang, which is using it against its foes and ...
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Who created the cover art from the newer Wild Cards Book I with Jetboy on it?

Who created the cover art for the newer Wild Cards I edition with Jetboy on it? (e.g. the one published in 2010.) Is he or she responsible for the other covers?
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Wild Cards spoilers, backstory, and reading order

I was given a copy of Wild Cards: Deuces Down recently as a gift. I don't think the person who gave it to me realized it was book 16 of a series (according to WildCards Online). My question is this: ...
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