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William Gibson is an award winning American-Canadian speculative fiction novelist who has been called the "noir prophet" of the cyberpunk sub genre of science fiction.

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Do we know anything about how Neuromancer was edited?

William Gibson’s Neuromancer has somewhat of a reputation for being a challenging read. While some of this is due to neologisms and dense prose, reading the book left me with the impression that many ...
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Sci-fi anthology about future crime

I remember reading an anthology collecting stories about crime, possibly crime-solving specifically. What I can remember about the book is: General theme was crime/crime solving Different authors for ...
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In William Gibson's The Peripheral, is Flynne Fisher's first name an homage to Tron?

In The Peripheral by William Gibson, protagonist Flynne Fisher runs characters in virtual games and remotely operates drones and, eventually, the devices known as peripherals. It struck me at some ...
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What is the difference between a Hosaka, Ono-Sendai, and a "deck"?

In Neuromancer, Gibson uses the terms Hosaka, Ono-Sendai, and "deck" interchangeably. The Ono-Sendai is a "matrix simulator" and the Hosaka is a computer. The "deck" is slang for one of the items, but ...
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Was "Pale Blue Eyes" an inspiration for "Burning Chrome"?

Neil Gaiman, in a piece for Lou Reed written for The Guardian in 2013 and reprinted in his non-fiction collection The View from the Cheap Seats, writes: I would see Lou's songs surface in the ...
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Are there other effects of the mycotoxin besides preventing to access the cyberspace?

In the Neuromancer, Case got infected with a mycotoxin, which damaged his brain and prevents him to access the cyberspace. Strapped to a bed in a Memphis hotel, his talent burning out micron by ...
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Does the Covent Garden Hotel really have the inherent security in its ground plan that Fiona claims it has?

In Zero History by William Gibson, Milgrim stays in London at a hotel on Monmouth Street. He wasn't always entirely comfortable with the lobby here, what there was of it. He felt like he might look ...
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In "The Difference Engine," why did the completion of the Difference Engine lead to a balkanized USA?

In The Difference Engine, by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson, the point of departure is that Charles Babbage got the funding to make his proposed Victorian calculator, the Difference Engine. Now, in ...
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What years does "The Peripheral" take place in?

I recently read The Peripheral by William Gibson, and I had fun trying to keep track of when it could have taken place (similarly to Neuromancer, it's vague). I have some guesses, but does anyone have ...
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What is the overall point of Gibson's "Burning Chrome" short story? [closed]

I'm taking a really intensive sci-fi themed college writing course. I have a paper analyzing this story. This a good short story. I liked reading it. I can pick out a lot of the conflicts and ...
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Why doesn't Neuromancer want to merge with Wintermute?

In William Gibson's novel Neuromancer, we come to learn that the final heist at Villa Straylight, and the events leading up to it, have largely been orchestrated by the artificial intelligence ...
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What book is Milgrim reading in William Gibson's Spook Country?

Throughout William Gibson's Spook Country Milgrim is reading a book he found in the pocket of the coat he stole. Its a 1961 history of messianic medieval history. Has anyone managed to identify the ...
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In Gibson's Sprawl trilogy, why did Wintermute split itself into the different Loas?

Neuromancer is one of my favorite novels due to its evocative prose, and vivid descriptions. However, I feel like sometimes I can't quite figure out some details. One thing that has puzzled me is why ...
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What is the meaning of wasps nest symbolism from Neuromancer?

What is the meaning of wasps nest symbolism from Neuromancer ? When Case had some mental problems he recalled a memory of a broken wasps nest a few times.
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