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A 1988 fantasy film starring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer. Conceived by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard.

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How come Fin Raziel aged so much while she was transformed as an unnaturally long-lived possum?

In the movie Willow (1988), Fin Raziel has been turned into a possum and trapped on an island by the Big Bad, evil queen Bavmorda. She's been trapped there for around 15 years, since Bavmorda took ...
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How does the Dust of Broken Hearts choose its love target?

In Willow, one of the brownies (Franjean) carries a bag of Dust of Broken Hearts. Whoever inhales it can expect to soon madly fall in love with... who, exactly? When Rool the brownie inhaled it, he ...
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Was Willow's first magic display (blazing arrow through arm) actual magic, and if not, what's the trick?

At the beginning of Willow, before the wizard chooses his apprentice for the year, Willow participates in a Nelwyn fair where he demonstrates two magic tricks: pushing a blazing arrow through a ...
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Is Alora in the 2nd Kingkiller Chronicle an homage to the movie Willow?

I have heard Patrick Rothfuss is a fan of George Lucas's Willow. Did that lead him to use the name Alora (like the baby in Willow, but spelt with an 'A') in his second Kingkiller Chronicle book?
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Is the sudden time jump in Shadow Moon ever explained?

So, with much trepidation, I picked up the sequel to Willow, Shadow Moon (co-written by George Lucas and Chris Claremont). I had heard that it took great liberties with the world created for the movie,...
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Is there any evidence that Lucas' "Willow" was a "Lucas-remake" of "The Hobbit"?

Citing "5 Pop Culture Classics Created Out of Laziness": Lucas later repeated the same trick after failing to get the rights to The Hobbit: He made Willow, a film about short people in ...
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Are there any other references to Willow?

I read the first two books of the "Shadow War" Trilogy when they first came out in 1995 and 1996. As a kid I loved the movie Willow and felt that the books kind of ruined the movie for me since they ...
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