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Questions tagged [wonder-woman]

Wonder Woman is a superheroine from the DC Comics universe. Use in conjunction with the [dc] tag. For questions about the movie or series, use [wonder-woman-2017] or [wonder-woman-1975].

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Why was Wonder Woman's costume updated but then immediately reverted to the old one?

A Wonder Woman costume fan art I posted in chat reminded me of an old question I'd asked here: In what arc or continuity does Wonder Woman's costume have leggings? In Wonder Woman #41 (which is ...
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Are Amazons and gods part Babelfish?

First, a preface: I’m not at all familiar with any of the previous Wonder Woman continuities. I’ve never read or seen anything from that franchise at all. In the new Wonder Woman movie, an explicit, ...
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Comic in which Wonder Woman tunnels through the ground by spinning really fast

Sometime in the last ten years, I saw an excerpt of a comic in which Wonder Woman was trapped underground, I believe with one other person. To resolve this conundrum, she turned sideways and spun so ...
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Why is Doctor Psycho considered as one of the deadly foes of Wonder Woman?

Among the villains of Wonder Woman, why is Doctor Psycho considered as one of the deadliest of them?
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