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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a 2006 novel by Max Brooks. It was loosely adapted to film in 2013.

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How can the film of 'World War Z' claim to be based on the book?

I've just finished reading the book World War Z and I'm struggling to see how the film World War Z can claim to be 'based on the book'. The only three things I can see that match in the book and film ...
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Why did the climate in World War Z go cold?

I recently read World War Z, and one question nagged me throughout it- why did the Earth get colder during the Zombie apocalypse? The story suggested that most places were burning, which I thought ...
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How is Closure, Limited connected to World War Z?

I'm about halfway through Max Brooks' Closure, Limited, and although the first story is clearly in the same style and narrative mode as World War Z, the second and third are definitely not (among ...
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Has Max Brooks ever discussed the possibility of writing more zombie books?

I know that he's now busy being the world's most respected zombie expert, and I seem to remember him saying that he had already told the full story of World War Z (and I personally don't see how ...
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Why don't the WHO zombies frantically bash their heads through glass like the earlier zombies?

Early in the film, we see zombies headbutt car windows in order to reach their prey, but the ones inside the WHO facility do not seem to use that tactic. It is possible that some of the facilities ...
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How did Lane's solution to the zombie problem in World War Z actually work?

Fair warning: this entire question is about the central plot point of the movie World War Z, and unavoidably spoils the film. Lane's answer to the problem of zombies wanting to attack humans is to ...
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How did the virus in World War Z go global?

I know that in the movie they say "airplanes were a perfect delivery system", but.... yeah that doesn't actually seem plausible. Pitt's character times the change from human to zombie as ten seconds,...
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World War Z Movie: Did Israel fall?

So, Gerry escapes Israel on the plane, Israel gets overrun and the airfield is swarmed. But did the entire city fall? One of the last shots shows what looks like a small, walled off section of the ...
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Why didn't Brad Pitt's character in World War Z communicate better while trapped in the Bio Lab?

In World War Z when Brad Pitt's character is trapped in the WHO bio lab room, why doesn't he attempt to better communicate with the scientists outside? You could see from the expression on his face he ...
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Why aren't the herds of zombies on the sea floor destroyed by pressure or scavengers? [closed]

In the book, World War Z, there are large herds of zombies walking across the floors of the oceans. How is that possible with that extreme pressure and the plethora of creepy-crawly ocean dwelling ...
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Practically speaking, how long would it have taken to build the Israeli zombie-defense wall in World War Z?

My impression was that the wall protected the borders of the entire country of Israel. This would have taken a long time especially if you wanted to buttress the wall properly. At least a few years? I'...
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