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Only use for questions explicitly about the creative process of worldbuilding as it relates to speculative fiction. Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an internally consistent fictitious world. Do not use purely to discuss extra details about a fictitious world.

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Power sources on Babylon 5

Why does Babylon 5 have a fusion reactor and solar panels? The basic premise of fusion is nearly unlimited power given a sustainable reaction. We know from season 3 that if the fusion reactor was ...
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What is the most frequently mentioned proper noun/adjective in Star Trek that remains undepicted?

Part of world-building involves making references to invented objects, people, and races. And since Star Trek had been going on for seven decades, there's been a lot of it. Sometimes some of those ...
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What is the Physical Distance Between Mos Espa and Mos Eisley?

Between the two major settlements we see on Tatooine in the Star Wars saga (Mos Espa where Anakin grew up and Mos Eisley where Luke and Ben hitch a ride), how far apart are they geographically? Days? ...
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Does Alagaësia have a moon?

I remember that their sun is called Aiedail, but I can't remember if they have (visually) a moon. They must have some kind of moon because when Roran and Clovis talk about getting the villagers, near ...'s user avatar
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Does Bacigalupi's whole oeuvre take place in the same universe?

I know that The Windup Girl takes place in the same universe as "The Calorie Man," and I know that The Water Knife is in the same universe as "The Tamarisk Hunter." But are The Windup Girl and The ...
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Why does Watney’s notebook in The Martian have four holes?

I just watched The Martian again and noticed something I missed the first time: Watney's notebook has four holes (instead of three) punched in the left margin, which means it's probably A4 in size (...
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Why are there American-style vehicles in "Mad Max: Fury Road"?

In "Mad Max: Fury Road," Nux's car has the steering wheel on the right, as you'd expect in an Australian car. Likewise, the car Max is driving in the cold open has its steering wheel on the right. On ...
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How functional is Deckard's apartment in "Blade Runner"? [closed]

After about a thousand viewings of "Blade Runner," combined with material like this, this, and this, I'm still struggling to make sense of some of the things I think I see in Deckard's apartment. ...
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What is the earliest worldbuilding fiction?

How old is the worldbuilding phenomenon in writing? What is the earliest writing that can be categorized as such? The worldbuilding wikipedia page says that the term first appeared in 1965; however, ...
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