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For questions about wraiths, undead creatures that, in some fictional worlds, are distinct from ghosts. See also the [ghost] tag, or [nazgul] for the Ring-wraiths in Lord of the Rings.

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SGA: Are the Wraith vampires?

The connection is rather obvious. The Wraith are nearly immortal and suck the life out of humans. Of course there are also differences from classical vampire lore. The following two articles ...
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Why didn't the Nazgûl stab more people to create more wraiths?

My understanding is that those stabbed by a Morgul blade slowly turn into a wraith. Is there a reason the Nazgûl and the Witch King of Angmar did not go around stabbing people and turning them into ...
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Are Ringwraiths the only Wraiths in Middle-earth?

After reading this answer to my question about wraiths, ghosts, and wights in Middle-earth, I understand that Ringwraiths are the result of people who have been corrupted by using the rings, but that ...
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