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For questions about the 2019 Netflix TV series "Wu Assassins".

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What does the name "Uncle Six" mean, if anything?

Wu Assassins features a Triad leader named Uncle Six. Everyone (from his adoptive son to police officers) refer to him as "Uncle Six", but that does not appear to be his real name, ...
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What is the significance of the fox?

When Kai pursues McCoulough into (what I think is) the past, the latter reunites with his family. After this, he hears a noise and goes out to investigate. He sees what appears to be a disembowled, ...
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How evil was Uncle Six before he acquired the Wu piece?

It's pretty clear that, at the start of the series, Uncle Six is pretty evil. Besides the minor fact of being a crime lord, he also has a habit of incinerating his own lackeys, rounding up random ...
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