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Questions tagged [x-men-2]

For questions about X2, also known as X-Men 2, a superhero film about the X-Men of Marvel Comics, released in 2003.

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How did William Stryker control Jason?

In X-2, Jason is convincing Charles to concentrate on all Mutants, but why would Jason listen to Stryker in the first place? I doubt that Jason's spinal fluid would work.
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Why didn't the X-Jet use its cloak in X2?

In X2 we see an aerial battle involving some U.S. fighter jets and the X2. Storm and Jean do everything they can to get away from the jets, and end up having to take them down. However, we know from X-...
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How did this bullet pass through Wolverine's Adamantium-covered skull?

Wolverine's whole body has an Adamantium layer underneath his skin. Adamantium is an indestructible metal, as shown in X-Men: The Last Stand but in X-Men 2 a policeman shoots Wolverine in the face, ...
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What is known about these "Captain Raygun" characters?

In X-Men 2 you see in a very short scene the name of a jet-pilot, CAPT. RAYGUN MacLAI. I googled a bit, but only found a name from battlestar galactica which sounds similar, Captain Raymond "Raygun" ...
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How do Jean and Storm recognize Nightcrawler in X-Men: Apocalypse despite not knowing him in X2?

In X2 (2003), it appears that Jean and Storm don't know who Nightcrawler is. In X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), they do. By my understanding, X-Men: Apocalypse was set in an earlier chronological time ...
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Where did the children spend their time during X-Men 2?

During X-Men 2, the school is attacked, and so the student body flees. We follow one group for the bulk of the film, but there were others. Specifically, I'm curious about the younger students. ...
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Why didn't Charles Xavier escape?

In X2: X-Men United, when William Stryker was meeting Charles, before forcing him to use Cerebro, why didn't Professor-X use his powers to escape? He was able to read Stryker's mind as suggested in ...
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Professor Xavier's suit trousers in X2: X-Men United

I was watching X2:X-Men United and caught the scene when Xavier visits Magneto in the plastic prison. They scanned Xavier for metal and found none. My question is regarding Professor X's suit ...
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