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For questions about the first X-Men film, simply titled X-Men, which was directed by Bryan Singer and released in 2000. It was the first film to be set in the X-Men Cinematic Universe, also known as Earth-10005. Always use in conjunction with the [marvel] and [x-men-cinematic-universe] tags.

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Was Liberty Island Jean Grey's first mission?

One of the main reasons I got to thinking about this is due to what happens in the gift shop fight. First off, she seems to jump slightly when Cyclops orders her and Storm to back up so he can blast ...
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When Jean Gets Slimed By Toad, Are Her Grunts Random? [closed]

I was wondering this, because when she gets slimed by Toad, she grunts 7 times while trying to pry it off, 7 times when Cyclops finds her, and 3 right before he blasts it off. Is she trying to say ...
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Is the Sabretooth from X-Men (2000) Victor Creed?

I've read online that a prequel comic attempts to retcon the two different Sabretooths in the Fox movie franchise, explaining that However, I don't recall any scenes where the big blonde Sabretooth ...
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How Did Cyclops Know the Exact Intensity to Set His Visor To Shatter Toad's slime Without Harming Jean Grey in X1?

I first noticed this when it was added as a sin for the X-Men (2000) video on the CinemaSins YouTube channel. When the guy voicing the sins states the following as Cyclops blasts the slime from Jean ...
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If Rogue absorbs Magneto's power then why can't she escape?

In the first X-Men movie (2000), at the final showdown, Magneto forces his powers upon Rogue so she can be the catalyst in his machine. But if Rogue has Magneto's power, rendering him temporarily ...
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Did Bryan Singer make up the idea that Magneto's helmet blocks telepathy?

In the first X-Men film by Bryan Singer, "X-Men", the following conversation takes place between Wolverine and Professor X: PROFESSOR X: This device amplifies my powers, allowing me to track ...
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Why doesn't Toad slime Storm in X1?

During the first half of the Liberty Island fight scene (Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey & Wolverine vs Toad & Mystique), Wolverine is separated from the group by Mystique and Toad attacks the ...
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Why does Cerebro use biometric security?

In the first X-Men film, Mystique is able to infiltrate the X-Mansion by disguising herself as a student. She then accesses Cerebro by mimicking Professor Xavier's eyes to fool the scanner on the door,...
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How did Wolverine pass through the spinning blades unharmed?

In the first X-Men film (2000) near the end when Wolverine gets lifted up by Storm (and Jean to stabilize him) and he catches the "helm" of the device containing Rogue who was surrounded by spinning ...
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What happens to parts of Mystique that are cut off?

In the original X-Men movie, Mystique takes the form of Wolverine, including the appearance of having Adamantium claws. The claws are clearly not actual Adamantium though, as Wolverine is able to ...
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How come no one noticed Logan's bullet hole? [duplicate]

At the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan got shot in the head with an Adamantium Bullet which was the only thing strong enough to get though his Adamantium bones. Is it explained how no one ...
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How could Magneto stop the bullet fired at the police officer's head?

In the first X-Men movie, Magneto is shown to stop a bullet in mid-flight. How can this be possible? Magneto's power is the control of magnetic forces but normal bullets are made from nonferrous (non-...
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Who stopped the bullet in the first X-Men movie?

When Rogue ran away to the train station and Magneto, Toad and Sabertooth ran into Jean Grey and Prof X outside the station. Magneto then grabs all of the guns from many policemen's hands and aimed ...
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