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Questions tagged [x-men-cinematic-universe]

For questions about the X-Men cinematic universe, distributed by 20th Century Fox. Always use in conjunction with the [marvel] tag and with any relevant film tags, e.g. [x-men-days-of-future-past]

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Did Mystique or Rogue get their mutation back in the terminated timeline?

In X-Men 3: The Last Stand, after Magneto rescues Mystique and frees a bunch of other mutants, one of the guards goes to shoot him only for Mystique to protect him, being hit by the Serum Darts that ...
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What happens to Colossus' injuries in Deadpool 2?

During the final confrontation in Deadpool 2, Deadpool and Cable are trying to save Firefist while During this scene I saw that Colossus (in his metal form) gets his forehead smashed and dented by ...
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On the beach in X-Men: First Class, why didn't Erik just take Moira's gun using his power?

In the end of X-Men: First Class, Erik has knocked Charles down, and is directing the missiles towards Moira, in an attempt to stop him, begins to shoot at him, and Erik deflects the bullets. Why ...
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How many times has Apocalypse transferred his powers into another mutant's body?

In X:Men Apocalypse we are shown Apocalypse transferring not only his consciousness, but his powers into another mutant's body: Without any reference to the comics, ...
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Why was "Caribbean Blue" by Enya edited out of the Netflix release of Deadpool 2?

The theatrical version of Deadpool 2 featured "Caribbean Blue", while Wade murdered people in a bath house. In the Netflix version, this is edited to be shorter, and "9 to 5" by ...
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Was the public made aware of what happened to Jean Grey in "Dark Phoenix"?

During Dark Phoenix public opinion on mutants (or at least X-Men) shifts back from hard-earned respect to fear and mistrust, after Jean Grey is unable to control what is happening to her, and assaults ...
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What happens to Angel Dust at the end of the Deadpool movie?

The movie shows that Colossus carries Negasonic and Angel Dust to safety when the junkyard structure collapses but Angel Dust isn't shown anymore after Ajax/Francis is killed. Is there any information ...
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Are Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead aware that Deadpool is breaking the 4th wall?

Are Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead or other characters aware that Deadpool is breaking the 4th wall? I am not sure this is canonical, but there is a 4th Wall Awareness power listed on the ...
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In X-Men: Apocalypse why was the jail security so poorly armed?

In X-Men: Apocalypse, when... ...they are spotted on camera and security arrives to apprehend them. A few hours before, they were using more effective weapons, but now only have conventional firearms....
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Is there any evidence that this character survived the helicopter crash in X-Men: Apocalypse?

In X-Men Apocalypse, is there any evidence that: survived the helicopter explosion?
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Are there any specifics given as to how the Genosha mutant power suppression technology works?

In the X-Men franchise, there are numerous human made tech which somehow stop mutants from utilizing their abilities. It doesn't matter if the power is physical, psionic, or energy based; once applied,...
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How did Logan know what the green serum was?

In the movie Logan, the kids show him that they have a bottle of the green serum from Transigen that they use on X-24. They tell him that it speeds up his healing for a short time. Logan then says ...
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Why was this character treated as a good guy and buddy in the end of "X-Men: Apocalypse"?

The question contains spoilers, so if you didn't watch the movie, be warned! During the movie Apocalypse gathers a group of mighty mutants around him. While it seems that some form of mind control ...
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Is there any indication that X-24 is capable of intelligent thought?

In the 2017 film "Logan", X-24 is apparently the latest culmination of the Weapon X program, but is basically just Throughout the film, X-24 doesn't speak and generally just kills people. His ...
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Who is pictured in this still from "X-Men: Days of Future Past"?

This frame was shown during the scene when Bishop and Kitty run in mutants' hideout. What are those pictures?
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Jean Grey's last act in "Dark Phoenix" and "Days of Future Past"

In X-Men: Days of Future Past we see that at the end when Logan 'wakes up' he meets Jean Grey (surprised she's alive, but she is nevertheless). This is fine as presumably they've altered the timeline ...
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Does Deadpool ever go on the Haunted Segway Tour?

At the start of Deadpool when Deadpool first gets into Dopinder's taxi he picks up a leaflet entitled "Haunted Segway Tours" and pockets it. You can see this at the start of this clip. Does Deadpool ...
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