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Questions tagged [zombie]

Zombies are usually unintelligent undead, essentially reanimated corpses that seek to terrorize and consume the living. They can also be living humans infected with a terminal, rabies-like disease.

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Haunted television set summons zombies from nearby graves

I watched the Goosebumps movie tonight with my son and I started feeling nostalgic about other books (not in the Goosebumps series) that I read when I was a kid. I've been scouring Google looking for ...
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Horror movie with a zombie or possessed butcher chopping meat who starts chopping up his own arm

As a kid, I had this very recurring image from a movie where a butcher, where he was chopping some meat with a cleaver and then continued chopping up his fingers and his own arm. I can't really ...
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Black & White Movie that ends with zombie on floor starving

My husband, who is French (mentioning in case it's a European film) remembers a film that he says was a zombie movie in black and white and the ending was basically a zombie starving on the floor of a ...
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Story about zombies fighting humans, believing they are humans fighting zombies

A story starts with scene of humans assaulting a zombie nest in a mansion. They enter the building killing zombies, who cry some absurd. Among the zombies there was even a woman zombie pregnant with a ...
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Looking for a 1980s American zombie movie where the people in a hospital turn into a mannequin-like zombies without being bitten

They don't run, they just walk slowly. There is one scene where a few soldiers were trapped inside a glass walled room. Also, there is this zombie in a red shirt who stares at the female soldier ...
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Zombie story about everyone dying simultaneously & reanimating?

Looking for a short story that was published about 2017 in an anthology (English language, probably ebook only) of zombie stories. Plot: main character is an adult man, father and husband, office ...
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Old zombie movie I saw in the early 90's where a girl crawls through the duct vents of the apt building to escape them

It was a movie that took place in I think an apartment complex. There was a little girl who got attacked in her apartment and she had to escape by crawling from room to room through the duct vents. ...
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Looking for a short zombie/comedy mini series

I'm looking for a small (potentially independent/made for the web) mini series I've watched last year on Amazon Prime (Germany) centered around a fictional zombie apocalypse: Probably produced 2010 ...
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People in a rural area hide in warehouse, at end it’s 2 people left, guy leaves her for dead - she lives, then she leaves him to die on road

I saw this movie on Netflix when I was pretty young and the year it came out was maybe around 2012-2017 to be safe but I think mostly 2012-2015. The main character was a girl with short brown/black ...
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Movie where the father sees (and kills) zombies, but it turns out that they were imagined

The scene I remember extends a dad seeing zombies everywhere and desperately trying to get to his family and bring them to safety. Upon arriving there the movie watcher realizes that there are no ...
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Low budget zombie movie/show shot in 2000's, drifter tries to get a girl who is kidnapped by raider gang

A few years back I rented a movie from Netflix’s mail order movie service (or multi part mini series I can’t quite remember.) The plot involved some sort of drifter with an overly gruff voice who was ...
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Manga involving a mountain zombie boy who saves two girls from kidnappers

I can't remember a manga I read a few years ago. This started in full color then it turned into black and white. The story stats with... These kidnappers demanding the village head to lead them ...
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Why won't trauma to the lungs/heart kill zombies?

In Jonathan Maberry's Patient Zero, the zombification disease functions by making the host enter a deep hibernative state when they are close to dying, then waking them up again after shutting down ...
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What is the first work featuring functional zombies at freezing temperatures?

I was reading 'Monster Hunter Alpha' (2011) by Larry Correia and there was a zombie that was able to function with temperatures well below freezing. I am not including details as spoilers. In this ...
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Manga or manhwa about a girl reborn as a strong fighter who tries to save her family from dead people risen from the grave

It was about a girl. I think she was a strong fighter and reborn, because she had memories of her mother dying and her father cheating and married someone close to her grandmother liking, like a ...
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What did Dr. Volker mean by this?

In Jonathan Maberry's Dead of Night, a crazy scientist guy named Dr. Volker injects a serial killer named Homer Gibbons with engineered parasites in order to keep him conscious after 'death' as ...
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