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Finding a Harry Potter Fanfic

I'm losing my mind trying to find a fanfiction. Here's the details that I remember (that, when googled, won't bring up what I'm hunting):

  1. Harry is pregnant by Draco and is abandoned by him(Gives birth alone with only his Healers and doesn't put a middle name on the birth certificate, baby boy named James I think)
  2. Baby has colic and doesn't stop crying, and has diarrhea
  3. Harry gets sick (nipples cracked and inflamed, possible blood poisoning)
  4. Briefly, in exhaustion and moment of abject depression, considers letting his son drown in his bath
  5. Blocks the outside world out until he can no longer take care of either of them
  6. Gets back together with Draco but is nervous and easy to hurt emotionally now I appreciate the help anyone can give me and apologize for the long post