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Was murder a crime in Palpatine's Galactic Empire?

So, here is a very high-level question that’s been on my mind: Sure, if the Empire is in control during the majority of events in the “Star Wars” universe, is murder still considered a crime?

For example, when Han shoots Greedo, was that considered murder? I mean in the original non–“Special Edition” film, Han preemptively shot Greedo. Would he then have a record for shooting an alien in cold blood? In the “Special Edition” world, would Greedo have been considered an attempted murderer for attempting to kill Han Solo?

And that said, this is not specific to Han Solo and his encounter with Greedo but rather the crime of murder in general. I am just using Han as an example I can think of from the films.

Or is it just a given that on crap-hole planets like Tatooine, that lawlessness ruled and anything can happen?

Looking for an answer with clear references; canon or “Legends” please. No armchair speculation please.