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For use on questions specifically about Voldemort, the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series. Always use in conjunction with the [harry-potter] tag and any relevant tags. Only use the tag when specifically asking questions about the character.

Dumbledore states at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban that Voldemort would not want a servant that is in debt of Harry Potter. Whatever reason Dumbledore had for saying this, it hints that if Voldemort … knew about Harry saving Pettigrew's life, it would at least be of some significance for Voldemort, whether he understands the power of love or not. That being said, I think Voldemort didn't kill him …
answered Aug 18 '13 by user13267
The answer is in the quotes you provided. When Voldemort needed to test the potion, he just needed a disposable subject, which was provided by Regulus in the form of the family house elf … . Voldemort probably never cared what the name of the house elf was (he probably wouldn't even have cared if it was some creature other than a house elf), so he would not associate any house elf with the …
answered Jun 6 '14 by user13267
Ministry as well, due to his reputation and the fact that he was the leader of the Order of Phoenix, the group seriously dedicated to opposing Lord Voldemort. It is not illogical to assume that the …
answered Mar 28 '15 by user13267
Barty Crouch (Jr.) even if he had been impersonating Moody for so long, and shows Pettigrew as Peter Pettigrew although he had been living as Scabbers for many many years. Voldemort, although he hated …
answered Jul 13 '13 by user13267
as a DE and criminal (whereas the Malfoy family status was one of his greatest assets to Voldemort) A couple of reasons I can think of why he would use Malfoy's wand specifically: Malfoy is … still an experienced and powerful wizard, which should probably affect his wand positively somehow. Voldemort needed to use a different wand anyway and this was a way to taunt and punish Malfoy (in …
answered May 26 '15 by user13267
This one is hard to answer with canon info, as there isn't any as far as I know I would guess at a no, but there is a possibility of some damage being done Reasons for No: The stare of the basilisk …
answered Jul 28 '15 by user13267
That did happen when he attacked Harry, the curse rebounded upon himself, but he was still alive because of his horcruxes So no that would not count as destroying one of the parts of his soul The main …
answered Sep 18 '13 by user13267
That is something Voldemort could do, but probably something he would not do. As Dumbledore mentioned in Half-Blood Prince, there are some things (power of love for instance), that VoldemortVoldemort does not value, he takes no trouble to comprehend. Of house-elves and children’s tales, of love, loyalty and innocence, Voldemort knows and understands nothing. Nothing. That they all have …
answered Dec 27 '18 by user13267
Yes Voldemort is not immune to Avada Kedavra, it's just that no one has been able to try it on him and live to tell the tale. In OotP we see that even Fawkes can get destroyed by it. Voldemort lost … his power because he was hit by the killing curse, the reason he didn't die was because his soul had been kept Earthbound by his horcruxes. Probably Voldemort is the only known wizard to have made 7 …
answered Jul 1 '15 by user13267
think Voldemort would make his plans in such a way that he would have to be hiding in Hogwarts for years and years while Dumbledore is in power. It should be noted that he is scared of Dumbledore and so … Hogwarts, and so wouldn't want to be around him too long Whether Voldemort remembered the jinx he put on the job or not, it does not really matter for him, because he would be successful within the …
answered Jun 15 '14 by user13267
. However we are never shown this side of Voldemort in the books, as most of the narrative takes place from Harry's perspective, and in those rare occasions when we do get it from a perspective of … Voldemort when he is alone with few individuals, it is only during a time when he wants to punish someone or is angry at something, as Harry can see through Voldemort's eyes only when he is feeling a …
answered Jul 13 '13 by user13267