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For use on questions specifically about Voldemort, the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series. Always use in conjunction with the [harry-potter] tag and any relevant tags. Only use the tag when specifically asking questions about the character.

Throughout Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort was obsessed with hearing the prophecy, but after the battle at the Ministry he still hadn’t heard it. Via Snape, he knew that it was Professor Trelawney … who originally made the prophecy. Until Half-Blood Prince, it’s understandable why Voldemort couldn’t get to her: she was in Hogwarts with Dumbledore, and he probably protected her as much as he did …
asked Jun 6 '14 by user13267
May be Voldemort wouldn't stoop to such a low level as to use tools devised by Muggles to do his bidding, but still, after Voldemort became capable of touching Harry after regenerating in the fourth … book, if he had just stabbed him with the knife that Wormtail used to cut off his own arm, would Voldemort have been able to destroy Harry once and for all? It seems that every time Voldemort
asked May 22 '17 by user13267
From CoS (or was it from HBP?) we get a very vague hint at how much Lucius knew about the diary; Dumbledore tells Harry that Voldemort probably told Lucius that the diary would help open the Chamber … of Secrets, and there was some plan that Voldemort wanted to put into action, which never happened because his power got destroyed when he attacked Harry (sorry I don't remember the exact scene …
asked Dec 9 '16 by user13267
even it's fragments) would have been a sort of relic for both his followers or opposers, and we also know that at least Dumbledore was personally sure that Voldemort will return one day, and he had … , in fact, spent years looking for people associated with Voldemort in the past or possible objects that he may have tried converting into horcruxes. Why didn't anyone think about looking for whatever was left of Voldemort's wand in the wreckage in Godric's Hollow, until Wormtail? …
asked Jan 25 '15 by user13267
because of what he had heard about the prophecy, or did he have some intention to create another horcrux based on this particular killing? I have a very faint memory of reading somewhere that Voldemort … already made) when his curse backfired, which seemed to make sense (Voldemort had probably killed lots of people after making his horcruxes and before attacking Harry, and even after creating the Nagini …
asked Sep 21 '13 by user13267
Let's suppose Voldemort wasn't resurrected after his attack on the Potter family (Quirrell never happened to venture into the woods where he was hiding, Scabbers got eaten by Mrs. Norris in the first … causing to Harry after Voldemort gains a rudimentary body (giving him pains and nightmares). If this had never happened at all, would that piece of soul have any long term physical or mental side effects on …
asked Sep 25 '13 by user13267
Is there any reference about what happened to Voldemort's yew wand after he started using the Elder Wand? Would the yew wand stop responding to Voldemort after he started using the Elder Wand? This …
asked Aug 25 '13 by user13267
Voldemort didn't expect Draco to succeed, so perhaps he had just assigned Draco to the task and let him do whatever he wanted So most probably he didn't know about the cursed necklace nor the poison … Voldemort, unseen into Hogwarts Wouldn't Voldemort at least have been interested in knowing how Draco managed to do it? If Voldemort knew about how Draco got Death Eathers into the school, it would have …
asked Feb 25 '14 by user13267
This question got me thinking Did any Muggle (full blown "pure blood" Muggle with no magic; not Squib nor any wizard with majority Muggle relatives) actively fight against Voldemort? Many of … general Muggles. They would definitely be worried if their loved ones were targeted by or involved in any way with Voldemort, and possibly try anything in their power to help them. Has there been …
asked Sep 19 '18 by user13267