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For questions about Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarts, or the House that bears his name. Always use in conjunction with the [harry-potter] tag.

conflicts heavily with later canon mentions of Salazar Slytherin and Herpo the Foul but it is worth noting that JKR did write the cards seen in the EA games, even if the cards themselves aren't strictly …
answered Aug 5 '14 by Valorum
We don't know. There's only one Parselmouth mentioned in any level of canon that predates Salazar Slytherin and that's Herpo the Foul. There's no mention of whether they're related in any way, nor any mention of Salazar's other relatives. …
answered Apr 16 '17 by Valorum
First off, I'd like to dispute the nature of the question. Although Voldemort is the youngest known descendant of Salazar Slytherin it's pretty clear that other wizards have come from the same … lineage. As a matter of fact, Voldemort wasn't even the rightful heir. That dubious honour fell to Morfin Gaunt, Marvolo's elder son. The whole "Lord Voldemort : Heir of Slytherin" seems to have been …
answered Mar 14 '15 by Valorum
Harry was opposed to becoming a Slytherin for three primary reasons; His visceral dislike of Draco Malfoy The fact that he receives a very negative impression of Slytherin from his newfound friends … ; a former Gryffindor (Hagrid), two current Gryffindors, (Ron's older brothers) and a would-be Gryffindor (Ron) The fact that the man who murdered his parents was in Slytherin House. He takes an …
answered Jun 30 '15 by Valorum