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Use for identifying a work of SF or Fantasy, including novels, movies, comic books, fanfic, TV series, video games, etc. Use with other tags to specify the type of media, eg. [short-stories]. Use [episode-identification] for identifying a single episode of a known series, whether TV, book, or comic. Use [actor-identification], [character-identification], [music-identification], or [object-identification] for those specific ID requests.

This sounds to be Monsters, released in 2010. It deals with a photojournalist trying to find a girl within a quarantined jungle. The jungle is full of aliens. The film was very low budget, so aliens …
answered Oct 24 '14 by phantom42
This may be the Escape from Lost Island series by Clay Coleman. It is 6 books long. Someone else was searching for a similar sounding series on WhatsThatBook and the following description was posted: …
answered Feb 12 '13 by phantom42
The Legend of Galgameth from 1996. Some sources call it "The Adventures of Galgameth". According to the wikipedia synopsis: as he lays dying, a king gives a statue of a dragon to his son. His tears …
answered Dec 12 '12 by phantom42
I believe this is the Cat Series by Joan Vinge (No clue why it has books not part of the series listed there, but the series is 3 books). It follows the main character named "Cat" who is half-human a …
answered Aug 8 '14 by phantom42
I believe this is Aliens For Breakfast by Stephanie Spinner and Jonathan Etra. It was published in 1988 and is part of a trilogy including the books Aliens for Breakfast, Aliens for Lunch, and Aliens …
answered Nov 13 '15 by phantom42
This is Airborn by Kenneth Opal. Per wikipedia: Airborn is a 2004 young adult novel by Kenneth Oppel. The book won the Canada's Governor General's Award. Airborn is set in a time where the primar …
answered Apr 28 '15 by phantom42
This is definitely Brazil, released in 1985. Directed by Terry Gilliam, it is a SF/F satire on beaurocracy. Wikipedia describes it: The film centres on Sam Lowry, a man trying to find a woman wh …
answered Sep 16 '14 by phantom42
You may be remembering an episode of Harsh Realm, which aired between 1999 and 2000. I never watched it, but some of the details fit the synopsis (though somewhat fuzzily) I can find on Wikipedia. …
answered Dec 26 '12 by phantom42
This sounds sort of like Sucker Punch. The movie deals with a group of young girls being held in a mental hospital where they are victimized by the staff. As a means of coping, the main character c …
answered Mar 24 '15 by phantom42
Sounds like either True Talents or possibly Hidden Talents, both by David Lubar. Part of the description for Hidden Talents mentions their abilities However, as Martin gets to know better this Ra …
answered Apr 10 '15 by phantom42
I can't find a specific matching episode (possibly only because the descriptions I can find are pretty vague), but I'm thinking that this may be Are You Afraid Of The Dark?. The original version aired …
answered Feb 1 '15 by phantom42
This appears to be Scary Sexy Disaster Movie, released in 1999. It was also released as "Titanic 2000". It involves the Titanic 2000's maiden voyage, with vampires as passengers. The vampires are l …
answered Nov 1 '15 by phantom42
This is probably Space: Above and Beyond which aired in the mid-90's. The show focuses on the 58th Squadron of Space Aviator Cavalry - a group of Marines called "The Wildcards". It also featured art …
answered Dec 5 '13 by phantom42
I'm pretty certain that this is Suburban Commando starring Hulk Hogan and Christopher Lloyd and released in 1991. Hulk Hogan is a warrior who crashes on Earth and ends up living with Lloyd's family …
answered May 30 '13 by phantom42
This is probably Darren Aronofsky's Pi released in 1998, but I could easily see the black and white, gritty feel of the film leading you to believe it was older. The film is intentionally over-exposed …
answered Jan 14 '13 by phantom42

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