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I think it is clear that your first suggestion is correct. "Stooping down, Bruce picked one of the stubbled blue plants, then placed it in his right shoe, slipping it down out of sight. A present for my friends, he thought, and looked forward inside his mind, where no one could see, to Thanksgiving." I think this makes is clear that his "friends" ...


I found the details, the German sections actually come from; Goethe’s Faust, an untitled poem by Heinrich Heine and the libretto of Beethoven’s Fidelio. Translations of the German passages: pages 175-6 (from Goethe): You instruments, of course, can scorn and tease With rollers, handles, cogs, and wheels: I found the gate. you were to be the ...


Its in German because earlier the psychiatric suits asked Fred/Bob if he had been speaking or thinking in different languages. Fred/Bob said he hasn't and would remember something like that....obviously he has, and doesn't.


Bob no longer has the mental tools to formulate plans or strategize the overthrow of government-subsidized biochemicoindustrial population-control system. But he may have a sliver of a memory of the pretty girl who promised to see him soon. And he just wants to give her the pretty flower. By doing so (as we the audience can see), he may accomplish this feat....


According to Google Books, Untitled poem reprinted from Heinrich Heine: Lyric Poems and Ballads, translated by Ernst Feise. Copyright 1961 by the University of Pittsburgh Press. Used by permission of the University of Pittsburgh Press. Other German quotes from Goethe's Faust, Part one, and from Beethoven's opera Fidelio.


I love Louie's response. Pick spring flowers for Donna. Holy crap. As seems his natural style, PKD writes an ending which really stokes the mind and isn't totally clear what it implies in the overall plight of Donna, Hank (who could be Mike? maybe), Mike (if he's not Hank), Bruce/Bob/Fred, the federal government, and New-Path. My interpretation- "looks ...

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