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Once a year, invading aliens attempt to teleport the Earth to their home star

This is "The Lords of the Psychon" by Daniel F. Galouye. It's an expansion of an earlier story called "The City of Force". The bad days are called "Horror Days". Your ...
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Movie where energy beings possess rockabillies, summoning alien queen through rituals, distorting space-time

This is The Violent Kind (2010). One night at a secluded farmhouse deep in the Northern California woods, a small group of hardened young bikers and their girlfriends are tormented when one of the ...
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Book about an alien invasion to steal metal from Earth

This is Von Neumann's War by John Ringo and Travis S. Taylor which features small alien probes/devices reaching Earth via Mars and devouring metal to create more of themselves. The strip all metal in ...
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