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Dinosaur eggs preserved by alien hatch, alien comes back for them?

Lords of Creation by Tim Sullivan. In the deep Montana shale, paleontologist David Albee makes a remarkable discovery: a metal box containing prehistoric dinosaur eggs — warm, alive… and ready to ...
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80s-90s movie about teenage alien boys landing on earth

Could be Spaced Invaders (1990)? In this film, the aliens are Martians - classic little green men - forced to take part in a space war with the Arcturans by an enforcer drone aboard their spaceship. ...
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Sci-fi horror short story about alien that wants to be eaten

I'm pretty confident this is the classic Philip K. Dick short story "Beyond Lies the Wub." Quoting from the plot summary on Wikipedia: Captain Franco, paranoid after an earlier ...
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Name of short story in which aliens install suicide buttons in their children to improve their race

This is "The Common Denominator" by John D. MacDonald (the crime/mystery writer), available on Project Gutenberg and previously discussed here Men and aliens are cooperating freely on some ...
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Sci fi anthology book with a story about a lizard alien who comes to Earth, and another about a commune of humans being led by tentacle aliens

Given that the first story is "The Worm" (described well in the answer to this old question Name of the book that carried a short story about a man living in a windmill/grinder attacked by ...
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Book featuring humanity being updated and a boy leaving tapes because he can no longer be seen

Human.4 by Mike A. Lancaster: Kyle Straker volunteered to be hypnotized at the annual community talent show, expecting the same old lame amateur acts. But when he wakes up, his world will never be ...
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Space fiction novel about a woman who finds an alien who later may become attached to her as a soulmate

This sounds like David Weber's novel The Path of the Fury 1992, which he later expanded and published as In Fury Born in 2004. Path of the Fury and the later re-issuance with new material and a full ...
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Trying to find this animated TV show (might be on Cartoon Network?)

Image search based on McTroopers comment makes it likely that Supernoobs is the answer. The image in the question was actually very useful for confirmation. Here's a picture.
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Short story about a man who travels to another planet via astral projection, where he encounters an alien intelligence that exchanges minds with him

This is Clifford Simak's novel "Time is the Simplest Thing" (1961). Excerpt of plot synopsis from Wikipedia: Shep Blaine is an explorer working for Fishhook, an organization exploiting ...
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80s or 70s movie with aliens disguised as "men in black" that chase a group of people

I agree with The Shadow Men (1997). Eric Roberts plays the man who (with his wife and son) have a Close Encounter, but then cannot remember it (except maybe in dreams). Here, the "Men in Black&...
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80s or 70s movie with aliens disguised as "men in black" that chase a group of people

I think this is it. The shadow men. I have been trying to remember this for years
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Short story: aliens change world at housewife's accidental request

The Woman Who Saved the World by Susan Palwick, published in the May 1985 Asimovs and available on Internet Archive A woman is grocery shopping (or just finished) and in a bad mood — people are rude, ...
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Film or TV movie involving an elderly lady who raises her cane into the air and transforms into an alien

Some, but not all of this sounds like John Carpenter's 1995 Film Village of the Damned. It was the second adaptation of the 1957 novel The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham, after the (probably more ...
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