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Probably not According to Wookieepedia (citing the Lords of the Sith novel), the suit's major functions were life support related. Therefore, the suit would not be required had he not been burned since countless characters in the Star Wars universe lose limbs and never need anything beyond a prosthetic replacement. One caveat, however, is that Vader's ...


Obi-Wan was well aware that Anakin had traveled to Tatooine (and the ostensible reason for his visit and the fact that he'd spent time with his mother before she died as well as the identities of his family) but was unaware of what had happened between Anakin and the Tuskens. “Anakin, no!” Obi-Wan shouted as Anakin started forward. Anakin almost ...


Suppressing their emotions is a large part of the Jedi way after all so the masters wouldn't detect his joy at finally being married to Padme. I'd expect they learn other ways of protecting their thoughts as they'd be pretty ineffective against dark force users like the Sith otherwise. There must be exercises to strengthen the mind since Obi-Wan uses force ...


In both canon and legends, I cannot find any reference of him going back to Tatooine during the Clone Wars after he rescued Rotta.


It is unclear in what timeline Ahsoka exists As we all know, time travel was introduced in Rebels episode A World Between Worlds. In that episode Ezra saves Ahsoka from Vader by pulling her from Sith Temple on Malachor, thus alternating original timeline. Later, while fleeing from Palpatine, Ahsoka returns to the Temple, but again it is not clear what ...


In the book Tarkin It explains that no one knows who Vader is and he is never referred to as Anakin. Although Tarkin grew to suspect his identity, he was, to everyone else, Darth Vader. It is my belief that he grew to see himself as Darth Vader as he recovered from his loss. He used the only part of his identity left (Darth) to define who he was.

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