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Trying to find an animated film that told the story of King Arthur

Maybe Quest for Camelot? Set in a Celtic mythology, Sir Lionel is a knight of the Round Table, who is killed foiling an assassination attempt on King Arthur by the evil Lord Ruber, who is then driven ...
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Old animated movie with boy that has adventures in VR-like environments, using a pod in a science lab

We used to rent this show a lot, had to do some digging, but I think this is it: Adventures in Odyssey - Someone to Watch Over Me. Dylan and Jesse's adventure in the Yucatan jungle ends abruptly when ...
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Old animated film with flying creatures born from a pod

Is this Les Maîtres du temps (1982) AKA The Masters of Time...? Les Maîtres du temps (lit. The Masters of Time, a.k.a. Time Masters; Herrscher der Zeit in German; Az idő urai in Hungarian) is a 1982 ...
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Animated show where a girl is kidnapped by some creature after a fight with her parents

I guess you might be talking about "Coraline" Although "Coraline" is a stop-motion animated film, its visual style can give the impression of a 2D animation in some scenes.
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