For questions about Marvel's Ant-Man. Ant-Man is a superhero character with the ability to shrink to change size. Always use in conjunction with the [marvel] tag and any related work tags. For questions about the 2015 film see [ant-man-2015].

The original Ant-Man (Dr Hank Pym) first appeared in issue #27 of Tales to Astonish (Jan. 1962), and has since been known as Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket and Wasp. Pym is know for inventing/discovering Pym particles, which allows him to grow both tiny and huge.

Later, Scott Lang took up the mantle of being Ant-Man in issue #181 of The Avengers (March 1979). Unlike Dr Hank Pym, Scott Lang is an ex-convict and electronics expert.

Both versions appeared in the 2015 film of the same name. For questions about the film see and its sequel .