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How many languages does Aquaman speak?

All of them. Specifically from Adventure #269, February 1960: That's why you can converse with me! You have the telepathic power possessed by all of Atlantis' understand and speak ...
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What are the Seven Kingdoms in Aquaman?

Atlantis. No need to explain that one, I think. Xebel, which as you said is ruled by King Nereus. IIRC Xebel isn't shown in the movie. The Trench, inhabited by monsters. The Fishermen Kingdom, land ...
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Why did Aquaman feel that Mera's plan was a little out of order?

He didn't He's saying that the order they are doing things in is out of order compared to the order of the original plan. They originally wanted to get Atlan's Trident and then challenge Orm but they ...
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What is the Dutch Ministry of Defence thanked for in the end credits of Aquaman?

The true answer may involve a personal matter which will never be exactly known. Fortunately, the OP's actual problem is understanding why this gratitude would even exist. They ask, "So what could it ...
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Is this an inconsistency between Aquaman and Justice League?

Long story short, what we saw in Justice League wasn't Atlantis, and if memory serves, Mera did not introduce herself either? Hence why Arthur would meet her in a more "formal" way in ...
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How many languages does Aquaman speak?

TLDR I can not find any official statement that Aquaman can speak any language on Earth. In addition to the languages you mention we also saw him speak Icelandic in Justice League. Regarding the film,...
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Why did Aquaman feel that Mera's plan was a little out of order?

It was the other way around. What Mera said was the original plan. But instead of following it, Arthur challenges Orm first. So it's Arthur who is doing things out of order. He's trying to make a ...
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