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How Big is Ba Sing Se's Outer Wall?

So, according to the wiki page on Ba Sing Se it is "one hundred meters tall." I cannot find any source for this. I cannot find any reference even to "meters" at all in any of the ...
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What are the differences in the description of Meduseld, the Golden Hall at Edoras?

The extra lines are from the original draft and seem to have been accidentally omitted when the "fair copy" was made, but have never appeared in any published edition of the book. When ...
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What is the staircase layout of 12 Grimmauld Place?

I don't see why the stairs shouldn't curve around in a circle; I imagine them looking something like this: The second landing where Fred and George are at the top there, Harry, Ron and Hermione on ...
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What was the point of the hatch?

According to this floor plan:                                         Source It’s an emergency exit — item #22, vertical escape shaft.
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What is the staircase layout of 12 Grimmauld Place?

You can play the HP5 game, and then explore that location yourself, or if you can't play for any reason, you can watch the walkthrough of the game. First time visiting Grimmauld place (it is the ...
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What did Pelargir and its defenses look like?

We don't know The city of Pelargir is never described extensively beyond the description of it being Ancient and at one time the greatest of the port cities of Gondor. This is reconfirmed by the lack ...
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