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She didn’t have anything to do with sabotaging it. She just had proof that it was being sabotaged. She was going to tell Robert Queen about it until he rejected her. In that moment she decided to keep it to herself and let him sail to his death.


Barry starts to lose memories of his original time line part way through the episode. He confronts Thawn about this and learns that it is a side affect of the new time line Flashpoint, erasing the previous time line. After Wally dies he realizes that staying here is just not sustainable, I mean without Star Labs he can’t really keep Thawn locked up in a ...


According to this link all the dead superheroes are as stated below: Stargirl Brainiac 5 Huntress Firestorm 90's Captain Cold Jesse Quick The Ray Hawkman Hawkgirl Captain Cold 'Smallville' Green Arrow The 90's Captain Cold is from the 1990's The Flash TV show in which John Wesley Shipp plays the flash. Smallville was a show on cw which featured mainly ...

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