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AI tricks space pirates into attacking its ship; kills all but one as part of effort to "civilize" space

Guest Law by John C. Wright. I read it in Years Best SF 3. The quote you remember is: He spoke in a voice of Jovian calm: “Who else but a machine intelligence has so long a life that it can intend to ...
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Comic about an AI that equips its robot soldiers with spears and swords

To my understanding, it's the strip Rise of the Machines from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, by Zach Weinersmith. Reportedly, it was "Posted October 2, 2018 at 11:08 am". Due to the ...
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Science fiction story where an author steals the settings from a better author's AI writing tool

This could be "So Bright The Vision" (1956), by Clifford Simak. The super-computers are called "yarners", and as the story starts the protagonist, Kemp Hart, looks at an expensive ...
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Trying to remember a short film about an assembly line AI becoming self-aware

This is the short film ANA by Factory Fifteen. A rogue AI tricks a shiftless factory worker into giving it access to its own system, then proceeds to run amuck.
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Recent movie, woman is trapped in a medical pod (stasis pod?) and is trying everything to convince its AI to let her out

It's Oxygen (2021). Despite several Google searches and looking at Google images for pictures from the movie, I found it doing a search on YouTube. From IMDB.com: Having no recollection of how she ...
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Short story about a self-aware machine that time travels; the title may have been an acronym

"Fulfillment", a novelette by A. E. van Vogt. You may have read it in one of these compilations, some of which can be borrowed (for free but registration required) from the Internet Archive. ...
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Short Story about alien civilization that destroys other civilizations by giving them a machine that will answer virtually any question

This is "Perfect Answer" (1958) by L.J. Stecher Jr. (Joseph Wesley). The Oracle tells the inhabitants how to spray the astronauts to protect themselves from imported diseases: "The ...
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Is "Miss Clarke and the Computer" (1973) the first published song written from an intelligent machine's point of view?

Earlier came OZ and its strange inhabitants: From the musical “The Tik-Tok Man of Oz”, 1913. Words by L. Frank Baum. Music by Louis F. Gottschalk. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 ...
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Short story where seemingly benevolent AI suppresses any rebellion through manipulating economy?

This is Asimov's "The Evitable Conflict" (1950). The plot summary on Wikipedia notes that the world economy is controlled by four linked computers and that "mistakes" have damaged ...
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Book in which a rogue AI infects a ship captain with a virus which turns her into an insect-like creature

Sounds like Neal Asher's Dark Intelligence (2015), part of his Polity series, where artificial intelligences run an interplanetary civilization and often have enormous and powerful ship-bodies. Most ...
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Book featuring digital Artificial Life, virtual reality using idle compute cycles

Could be Permutation City by Greg Egan, published in 1994. There are VR worlds, and something called the Autoverse, The Autoverse is an artificial life simulator based on a cellular automaton complex ...
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I remember reading a SF book (first in a trilogy) a few years ago, need help finding

Is it perhaps The Crystal Society, by Max Harms? It is the first book in a completed trilogy, it is freely available for download, along with the other volumes, it's set in 2039; it does not seem to ...
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Is "Miss Clarke and the Computer" (1973) the first published song written from an intelligent machine's point of view?

Les contes d'Hoffmann (The Tales of Hoffman), Jaques Offenbach, 1881. In Act I, the poet Hoffman has fallen in love with the mechanical doll "Olympia" who ...
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70-80’s scifi space machine aliens

This reminds me of Moontrap, a 1988 movie about space robots, there are tentacles and parts (human and otherwise) seen and mentioned in the trailer. Not sure about green visor eye (trailer shows red ...
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Short story in which the president is chosen by a computer among the ones that do not seek power

Imperial Earth (1975) by Arthur C. Clarke. From Goodreads: Imperial Earth is the fascinating odyssey of Duncan Makenzie, traveling from Titan, a moon of Saturn, to Earth, as a diplomatic guest of the ...
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Looking for a book about stock trading Ai that predicts terrorist attacks

Could this be The Fear Index by Robert Harris? It's a little later than you thought, 2011, but it has a very similar theme, of an AI seemingly detecting disasters to make trades (in this case, ...
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Sci-Fi novel where a manufacturing AI is occasionally sabotaging equipment as it makes it

I believe you are referring to the Troy Rising series by John Ringo, specifically the third book, The Hot Gate. We got cocky. We easily beat off an attack by the Rangorans at the opening of the book. ...
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What is the earliest example of LLMs used for AI in hard-sci-fiction before 2018?

I'm not sure I understand your question correctly, but the 1963 Philip K. Dick short story If There Were No Benny Cemoli prominently features a homeostatic newspaper or homeopape (actually a future ...
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A short story about artificial intelligence written by an author from Russia or Poland?

It could be Bet by Vladlen Bahnov (published in 1970): So, dear cyberologist, - said the old philosopher, repeat, please, once again the conditions of our bet. Let's fix them in order to avoid ...
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