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If you're slightly misremembering and it's not a sentient computer, but rather a mutant surrounded by computer monitors, then it can be Le Mutant (1978): the time period matches it's European (French, actually) it's a mini-series, which may have been compiled into a movie I guess people get control chips implanted into their necks From Wikipedia, ...


bowles: I don't know if you are on-site any more, but this sounds like Walter M. Miller's short story It Takes A Thief aka Big Joe And The Nth Generation, 1952. The MC is a barbaric Martian thief who is paid to enter the Cavern of the Ancients & steal the secret information hidden there; in order to reach his goal he must pass the monster Big Joe (which ...


This is Coils by Roger Zelazny. The protagonist was once part of a group of "special" people created or found by a government agency for "special operations" -- but someone he got cashiered and his memory wiped. One of the catch-words that repeats when the protagonist is applying his mental connection to anything digital (which is ...


Not malevolent per se, but Asimov does eventually add the zeroth law, which does allow robots to kill humans — in order to save humanity.

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